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The Hunt

UX/UI • Visual Design

Sept. 2012 - Sept. 2013
Employer: ShopTAP, Inc.
Product: The Hunt

Working closely with the Head of Product, we designed solutions around unpredictable user generated content and A/B tests in rapid iterations to support an Agile dev team. As a lone designer in an early stage start up, I had a hand in establishing brand & style guidelines, copywriting, and designs for marketing / social media, in addition to my primary role as Product Designer.

A/B Testing


Winner from an A/B test focusing on New Visitors Conversions - This "Gateway" saw our conversion rate move from under 2% to over 6% visitors converting each day.


Newsletter announcing the new iOS App.

UI Samples


Animated Microinteraction

UI Concept

Concept work which update UX from a page-based navigation to a modal-based navigation UX. This UI reduces unused space & clutter, while highlighting key interactions for the user journey: Adding new finds.




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